A service platform for the University of Strasbourg

Internationally renowned and a member of the European Primate Network (EUPRIM-NET), SILABE houses around 800 animals of 9 different species. All are supervised by a team of 25 staff members that includes ethologists, researchers, veterinarians, animal welfare staff, project leaders and animal care staff.

The platform's missions are to house and supply primates for biomedical research, to sell biological samples, to carry out experimental studies, to provide training, to contribute to species conservation and to welcome researchers specialised in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and animal behaviour.

An internal animal welfare body (SBEA) oversees all the activities on site and ensures compliance with regulations regarding the breeding, supplying and use of animals for scientific purposes.

Access to the site is limited to professionals (researchers, students, vets, animal care staff) and governmental inspection authorities (Veterinary Services, Ministry of Research, etc.).