Housing and quarantine

SILABE provides the scientific community with housing for animals used in research by making available its premises and infrastructure.

From a logistical point of view, SILABE undertakes all the administrative procedures necessary for importing and transporting animals to the site. In addition, quarantine is provided in designated facilities to guarantee the health status of the animals.

The animals are then kept in social groups and are provided with housing conditions that meet European standards, i.e., enclosures adapted to their specific needs. All the animal houses are equipped with dynamic ventilation, artificial lighting and heating systems. All give access to outdoor enclosures, and are enriched with devices or structures that allow the animals to express natural behaviours (toys, objects for manipulation, pools, swings, etc.).

A number of indoor enclosures provide more confined housing. Some for the more fragile species, such as marmosets, others for isolation (quarantine, infirmary).

Throughout the period during which the animals are housed at SILABE and until research projects begin, the platform guarantees the health status of the animals and offers additional services such as providing specific enrichment, training (touchscreens, clicker training) or socialisation programmes.


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